Started From Scratch

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Watch Muskel Apparel grow as Luke and Ash document their journey

Welcome to our online store

We are Luke and Ash and we are owners of Muskel Apparel, a new fitness apparel brand for men and women. 

We are slowly but surely building what we hope will become a very well received fitness apparel brand. We enjoy the fact that we are somewhat different to the many other fitness apparel brands out there with regards to the way we go about business. 

What makes us different is our values! We are documenting our journey on Facebook and Instagram so that our values can be received by our customers and any other person who comes across us!  See our values below! 

Our Values

Honesty – We have decided to document our journey as owners of Muskel Apparel. Why? Because we want everybody to have the opportunity to fully understand the Muskel brand before considering purchases! We will be open and informative about our brand without deceitful biased promotion. We may be perceived as unusual in our approach, but we know that there are so many fitness clothing brands out there 'faking it before making it' by purchasing social media followers and through pretentious claims of superiority. We hope that our rare but honest approach gives people an advantage when they make their choices. We want everyone to know exactly what they are buying and exactly who they are buying from.

Real – We want everyone to understand that we are just two regular guys with very busy work and family lives trying to make a success of something that we are passionate about.  We are not naive regarding the fitness clothing industry being super competitive but we want people to understand that we are just enjoying generating a respected initiative, success to us being achieving the provision of quality fitness apparel.

Style –  Ensuring quality is essential to us but this has to be coupled with style! We can categorically state that our passion for Muskel Apparel lies with the style element. We are completely aware of the need to look and feel good when training and how this motivates. Muskel products will always feature stylish designs.